From now until I have two spoons to click together, there's unlikely to be anything of substance posted to any of my journals. But I'm tempted to use this one (i.e. dreamwidth) for essayish type things and reviews, and then link to it. So this entry is a note-to-self on things I should write/do, whether here or there, before I forget them.

  • Finish the locked version of my about-me post.
  • Something on synaesthesia because why the heck not.
  • fifteen kabillion things for gyaku_meta and gyaku_twins.
  • reviews: buffalo trace whiskey, russell's rye, transmetropolitan, administration books, anathem once I finish it
  • the thing on tone and midwestern passive-aggressive politeness re: racefail.
  • do a custom mood theme, possibly with mel bush from Doctor Who or just women-of-Who in general.

But even if this is mostly to me I'm making public because saying I'll do something publicly is one of the few ways of kicking myself in the ass that I do have that seems to work.


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