I like this game (I'd better; it's only been haunting the PS2 for most of this year as I don't have that much time to play) but today's WTFs:

2. Why do all the Viking/Norse gods wear tighty-whities?
3. Elizabeth, you speak more slowly than William Shatner. And I think Minato going on a date with the Shat would be less creepy.
Well, I'm well and truly behind the times, but I thought I'd give a stab at actually reviewing stuff as I play it. I'll avoid spoilers, even behind the cuts, for anything other than a) what you learn in the opening montage of gameplay and b) general theme.

Scoring note: anything 6/10 or over is a good review in my book. I'm actually, y'know, using the whole range from 0-10.

First up, and probably to be eventually included in a list of new-school text adventures best-of, but not doing that post today: Spider and Web, by Andrew Plotkin. Quick score: 10/10.
Spider and Web )

I picked up CoM (the original GBA game, not the remake) just before Thanksgiving in case I needed more insulation from the in-laws. Ended up not getting around to it until after Christmas. Quick Score: 6/10
Kingdom Hearts: CoM )

And in this corner, the games I've been working on for well over a year, since I don't play them that often, but haven't felt like I could put another RPG in the PS2 either. (I stick to one RPG per platform at a time, but I'll play non-RPG games in between.) That would be Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2, which are really one game spread over two releases, IMHO. Quick score: 9/10
Digital Devil Saga (1&2) )

A few days ago, Dave walked into the TV room, where I was curled up with a book or laptop or something, and picked up the PS2 controller and waggled it in my face. Yes, my fiancé likes to watch...me...play...video games. Which means that despite not being a big graphics whore myself, I have a stack of older RPGs I'm probably never going to get to. But since he didn't want to watch me beat my head against DDS2 any longer, I pulled out Persona 3. (Specifically, the FES edition.) I'm only a few hours in, but I already have enough to score: 8/10.
Persona 3 )

And finally, a game that's been on my to-play list for 6 years in it's PS1 port, but I never got around to it until I got the DS version: Chrono Trigger. (And my console history goes NES -> PS2 -> Wii, so I missed the SNES era the first time around due to being less of a gamer in high school than any time before or since.) Quick score: 8/10.
Chrono Trigger )


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