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( Dec. 31st, 2018 12:00 am)
If you see any of these around, yes, it's me. Some of these have never been used and aren't likely to be. This is mostly so that I don't forget them myself.
not especially long, but I really don't expect anyone to read this, either )
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( Apr. 16th, 2011 03:39 pm)
That reoccurring roleplaying HMD MEME has gone up again. Crit = love, especially now that I have a character that is well-recognized enough that People Having Opinions is more likely. <3
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( Jun. 17th, 2010 10:27 pm)
Argh, why does RL give me no time to destress and do creative things. I probably should hiatus someone or something, but damnit I want fun things.

That said, no posts from me tonight; if I miss a bulletin post or something I should reply to, kick me and I'll do it later?
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( Jun. 15th, 2010 09:37 pm)
first, PSA: mobile posting = epic fail typos. Sorry. I haven't been fixing them on LJ comments and plurk unless they're desperately unfortunate. I've been trying to catch them in RP posts but if you see something silly, kick me. The iPad autocomplete/autocorrect is often very smart but sometimes does ridiculous things, and it corrects everything to a legitimate word so the browser spellcheck doesn't catch typos as much.

Second, meme from [ profile] lady_angelina because this is something we could all do more of:

List one thing you like about your roleplaying.

I'm going to go with metaphors and similes. I am not God's Gift to LJRP in anything, but I've worked darn hard at figuring out when and how to make metaphors have punch rather than purple, and I think it's paid off. I'm still finding my feet in that regard with Lana -- I use them more with her than Taura, and much much less than S.T., but I will find a happy medium there.
a) RP HMD meme, as usual.

b) I am still feeling absolutely spaced out and am sort of mini-hiatusing. Posts will come when words quit being slippery little buggers.

c) ...I bought an iPad & data plan. So once words are less difficult, I should be able to tag from anywhere without adding more stress to my shoulders carrying a laptop that only works where there's wi-fi anyway. Expect typos and the odd formatting fail (at least in non-RP comments where I won't do extra editing) as I get used to it.

d) despite not feeling up to tags, why do I want to throw Odysseus in the spring of drowned piglet over at FoC. I'd have to canon review first and do not have even remotely the energy. whywhywhy brain. I'd say that's the problem with having so many characters that I don't have the space for throwaway ones, but I didn't throw new people in the Fountain before, either, except for Lana a bit. Because it takes me forever to get into a character's head to the point of potentially writing them, and I can't seem to do it casually. I envy the people who can play around with a character; it's sort of all or nothing for me on whether or not I can get in their head.
Okay, so I was AWOL on RP-stuff all weekend, but I'm trying to get back in the groove. Expect backtags shortly. (I'm skipping the buses back unless there's unexpected eventage, in which case I will just be mondo late to the party.)

I'm a little spacey due to the muscles in my neck still considering strangling me despite giving in and getting a massage earlier, so if anything is completely nonsensical, lemme know.
[ profile] puddingtreat! I was thinking of either throwing Taura into late afternoon or moving Lana somewhere else since she's done talking to the Sheriff, and you've got a bunch of folks free. Want either of them, and if so, which and for whom?
The How's My Driving? Meme

Yeah, yeah, I always post these. But at least now I have a character that's a little more well-known?
Because I went back to work today despite still being sick, I am doing memes instead of a) running Taura around like a crazy thing or b) looking at Lana's thread, since I'm too tired to do the cross-checking I still need when posting her. Tomorrow morning, I promise. There will be laptop onna train.

Or even c) writing up my thoughts on AA:I in these things we call sentences.

Instead, I will ramble about characters present and not-actually-potential (as I am slightly past the number I can handle, but hopefully once Lana becomes non-brand-new I'll be okay) while watching bobsleds and feeling sorry for myself.

muse status report )
Yeah, yeah, everyone's posting it.

The How's My Driving? Meme

Also, I'm repeating the offer to buy a used copy of Zodiac for any [ profile] damnedite who wants one. With the caveat that if everyone wants one I might pick the first N replies. International OK as long as I can find a reasonable shipping option.
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( Feb. 11th, 2010 11:15 am)
I like memes that are random prompts to tl;dr. So have one, courtesy of [ profile] thebigkaboosh.
Leave a comment saying, "COMMENT" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this at your journal.

EDIT: formatting fail also fixed; some day I will learn not to post long memes from Lynx.

She gave me Weddings, SCIENCE!, Video Games, Honesty, and Prose.
Pre-emptive cut as I cannot imagine being succinct. )
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( Feb. 2nd, 2010 12:24 pm)
No, self, you do not need to look up the SAT recentering tables to once-and-for-all see how you stack up to your RP character.

...yeah, okay, too late. I blame [ profile] stopcounting.

Nor does the fact they're about the same mean you should have retaken the darn thing after finding you'd made at least one "what the hell was I thinking" error. (Yes, I was enough of a dork to actually pay the money to get my answers and the questions.) You already did the college thing. And the GRE thing, and the grad school thing. Just because it'd be nice to be 17 again and have summer vacations does not mean you should worry about a test you took 15 years ago.

If I have "arriving at a test without my #2 pencils" dreams tonight I know who to blame.

Then again, I had RP-related anxiety dreams last night ANYWAYS as am dorkface. (I had signed up somehow to be an NPC mod at [ profile] damned and then forgot and had threads pending. LOLWAT?) They are much better than work-related and wedding-related anxiety dreams as I wake up and giggle rather than actually worrying about it.
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( Jan. 8th, 2010 04:29 pm)
...well, at least that explains why I've been wanting to go to bed at 10 all this week and have been playing Meteos on the train because any of the things I want to write are shrouded in fuzz.

Bleah. I finally gave in to listening to my body and slept for 13 hours. And I'm still exhausted. At least it's just a cold-thing, not a flu or anything. Something mild enough I managed to convince myself was just stress until it finally added a mild sore throat to the proceedings.

(For those who care: I'm still going to try to finish my [ profile] damned app -- it's written and proofread except for the 3p sample, but I probably won't be doing the midnight-opening submission thing unless I wake up a lot in the next few hours. Memo to self: 500 words. You don't have to come up with an epic. Nor should you let yourself be stymied by the fact that when half asleep on the train last week you thought you had something brilliant, and then it slipped away. You do that all the time with posts and they come out OK.)
Pfft, Capcom. Have some variety in your descriptions. Or it could be intentional; there are a lot of repeated motifs. Hmm.

contains spoilers for PW1 and AJ )
One: RP fail will continue until I get home from Cleveland tomorrow evening. I was hoping to tag tonight but, um, no, not happening. Because my parents, oddly enough, would rather talk to me than watch me dink around on the computer. Funny, that. And tomorrow I will be ON A TRAIN all day with no wifi.

Two: I will follow up the fail with shameless fishing for compliments.

Hat trick of fail: Using my f'list for better-than-google. Blackberry users, how the heck do you get LJ to show comments in the BB browser? Because I was playing around with one in a store on vacation -- it was quiet enough I could really play with it long enough to get the hang of some things, but I couldn't get LJ to load with comments. (I wasn't logged in, obviously, but I doubt that matters.) Other stuff looked odd too -- userprofiles (and I don't mean fancy HTML failing, I mean not loading at all). Because that'd kind of be a dealbreaker.
Trains good. Sleep good. Missing snowstorm in Boston, sadface, but at least it's pretty here too.

I'll be scarce online though not hiatused from game stuff -- checking email but not booting up AIM.

Also, I have a zillion of those $10 off coupons. Many people who are not me have already much more eloquently said that this is lame on the scale of holiday promotions, but if anyone wants one, I cannot envision running out of them.

Also, am replaying PW1 for the first time in ages and I'd forgotten how much fun it is; the only GS/AA game I'd played lately at all was running through 4-4, which is one of my least favorite cases. Enough that I replayed all of Turnabout Sisters despite really only needing to see a couple of lines, all of which are in the script I have.

D---- leaned over on the train and said, and I quote: "emo lawyers?". Pfft.
First, since [ profile] loosewiring was looking for happy songs, but I was in a gloomy enough mood that I didn't post them then. (yes, this was me failing at usefulness. ALAS.) There was memetext, but it was mostly just "post songs that cheer you up. Then other people do too". So have a bunch of mostly-terrible 80's pop.

a zillion embedded videos behind the cut )

And, ganked from [ profile] puddingtreat, another state-of-the-muse report meme:

no videos, just tl;dr and html tables galore )
Argh, I've never been any good at small talk. Which makes it that much harder to come up with anything in that vein for characters to say.

Especially in RP, where I can't do what a certain canon source Zodiac does and just elide all small talk ever. XD

Though otherwise RP-stuff is going well and I keep having to remind myself that there's a reason I'm about to take a break -- to avoid getting burned out rather than waiting until I *am*. and uploading icons to an unused journal is NOT productive, self.
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( Nov. 5th, 2009 08:55 pm)
HMD meme. Crit is love; flow/ebb of language and making things fluid without overuse of qualifiers and linking words is the current poke-the-hornet's-nest area I'm working on, but anything goes.

Now to plow back into a few pages of Zodiac and see if I can't dredge that voice up enough to get S.T. to breakfast. (Don't worry, even if I skip this shift or hiatus him for a little while he's in no danger of being dropped; I'm just flailing with him a little -- a bunch of his stuff has felt very by-the-numbers rather than actually getting in his head. I'll get over it.) ETA: posted. But argh, voice is elusive. Still, I think it's one of those cases where I should try to suck it up and keep shoving words out. IDK.
...okay, that 3+3 meme going around completely confuses me. I can understand crit memes for RP/fic, and the desire that if someone does something irritating out of a misunderstanding you could mention it, but why on Earth would I have any desire to rag on people I like? Most annoying personality traits are kind of just that -- personality traits and aren't really things people can change. So it's not concrit, it's just being mean.

Sorry, not replying to any of them as I like y'all and thus have no desire to be mean. Yes, there may be things you do that irk me, but that's OK -- I'm sure I do obnoxious things too. A little politeness goes a long way.

Also, brain, must find it. Should actually post something at some point. Or work start on Oktoberfest. Or finish Taura's icons.

... the closest thing to a "friendly hug" icon to put on this is Dahlia & Iris. Er. I should fix that.


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