From the cross-examination of "Five Years Ago" to just before the last testimony + cross-examination.

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From where the previous one left off until just before the first cross-examination of Dahlia (5 Years Ago). This is long because there's two paths through a large chunk of it. And a really adorable Diego&Mia failure scene; it seems the makers really like to reward you for screwing up the MOST OBVIOUS prompts.
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Follows on from my earlier post. This one I did do the HTML manually; I have a clean copy of the HTML if anyone wants it for inclusion somewhere else. This covers from after the recess in the previous post through all the presses of the first testimony in that section. (Melissa Foster's History).

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This starts where the one on C-R ends, and goes through just that recess. I'm not doing any further formatting on this; if someone wants to use this in another guide, they can; credit would be nice but I really don't care that much. Apologies for completely illegible HTML if you are trying to convert it; the LJ rich-text WYSIWYG editor produces awful HTML.
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