So, now that I'm something resembling caught up on posts -- picspam time.

Ang asked for photos of my office with these stickers, and I finally remembered to take my camera along. I didn't get the other photo I'd meant to -- it's gotten too light in the mornings for the South Station clock to be lit. I'll have to swing by at night some time.

and so it begins )

So there's doing canon reviews by rereading/watching/playing the source. And there's the fun sort. Bike-riding through Allston/Brighton is that one, and last Saturday I went rambling since it was one of the first really gorgeous days of spring. I didn't take many pictures; I'm generally terrible about that. But the Harvard Stadium seemed ripe for icon-ing (if I ever send S.T. to the basement I will have a Coliseum picture all handy), and I am possibly the last Gyakusai fan in Boston to notice the second, but...

a handful of pictures )

Then I bought a ton of beans and spices at an Indian grocery, went and watched [ profile] jennifer sing and dance, picked up grapefruit bitters at the new cocktail shop (yes, really, wtf) and cruised home to put together a Passover Seder shopping list. Sunday was spent in the kitchen being productive, because cooking is something I haven't done nearly as much as I'd like of.

pictures and possibly recipes if anyone wants 'em )


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