So the fiancé and I have been watching Blake's 7 on and off -- it's a little too downbeat for me to want it as a daily watch-a-thon entertainment thing, but it's still fun.

And I was pointing out that I just didn't really see where fandom got the slash (thinking mostly of Blake/Avon). And D---- replies that Avon and Vila are so doing it, and maybe Jenna/Callie as well. And then I swear 30 seconds later Avon tells Vila he has a weak chest and we both just start giggling hysterically.

I give up. I am not the one with slash goggles in this house.

Also: microreview? Blake's 7 is fun but not the Best Thing Ever coming at it as a fresh viewer. (One who loves old slow British sci-fi -- B7 is a lot more fast-paced than Doctor Who was back then -- the pacing would be passable for a modern show.) The special effects are terrible, but I don't mind -- it's that the characters border over into caricature on a regular basis. But the oneupmanship plots are fun, and we're only 2/3 of the way through the first series. (I do know vague spoilers for the ending of the series, but am avoiding details.)


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