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( Jul. 14th, 2009 09:43 pm)
Oh, right: who all out there is doing blogathon?

(I know [ profile] jennifer, [ profile] eustaciavye, and I have your links, but anyone else?)

I thought about it, but doing an all-nighter tends to shut down my immune system, and while blogathon is on a weekend, I don't really want to take a couple days of vacation just to recover. I'll probably stay up a fair bit on AIM (or, if [ profile] tikva does it, might spend a while at their pad chatting), but I think I'd just make myself miserable.

So this is the donation links plz post, since I'm going to go sign up soon and then split the number of $ by the number of links and do all the donations at once.
There's all this talk about whether or not DreamWidth is a fannish journaling service, and demographics, and whatever. I wasn't sure what to think, and then I had the following experience: see that there's an xkcd feed, and that the navstrip was giving me a "see most popular feeds" option. Look at it. XKCD was currently at number one.

Number 2 was fandom wank, number 3 was the OTW newsfeed, and Henry Jenkins was in the top 20 (#16).

Yeah, the demographics are demographic-y.

On the other hand, maybe I'll finally start reading Jenkins's feed. Hmm.

ETA: and yes, this is me testing out cross-posting just to make sure it works.

ETA 2&3: I just looked at my UIDs (setting up LJ-login to work with DW) and I have a higher UID on DW than LJ, and that was still during CLOSED BETA. WTF that's a lot of accounts, though if OpenID accounts count, that might do it. And the mood has nothing to do with the content of this post and everything to do with my neck muscles.

I apologize to anyone reading this who does not care about DreamWidth; I'm mostly in it for the meta, as usual. I like watching people migrating like geese and honking strangely as they make aerodynamic shapes against the sky. Or, er, something like that.
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( May. 2nd, 2009 12:49 pm)
FYI, since the set-colors widget doesn't work for me when adding people to my reading list, I'm going in and manually tweaking. (The only person who has a color right now is Ang because I added her from Lynx and there it worked -- where working = seeing a long list of hexcodes and color names and manually setting the hex, heh.)

I.e. if you get de-circling/re-circling (dw terms have not yet been properly verbed in my head) messages then whoops I failed at technology again. Also, if people have preferences on what color I list them as, feel free to tell me. Anything but white BG or the pale colors which are hard to tell from white on some monitors.

(Yes, I realize this is a weird thing to offer. Color associations are srs bzsness.)

ETA: and I just noticed that there isn't yet a layout which actually shows the colors on a reading page that I like enough to use, so this is doubly silly. But once there are more layouts I'll pick one with colors.


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