a) RP HMD meme, as usual.

b) I am still feeling absolutely spaced out and am sort of mini-hiatusing. Posts will come when words quit being slippery little buggers.

c) ...I bought an iPad & data plan. So once words are less difficult, I should be able to tag from anywhere without adding more stress to my shoulders carrying a laptop that only works where there's wi-fi anyway. Expect typos and the odd formatting fail (at least in non-RP comments where I won't do extra editing) as I get used to it.

d) despite not feeling up to tags, why do I want to throw Odysseus in the spring of drowned piglet over at FoC. I'd have to canon review first and do not have even remotely the energy. whywhywhy brain. I'd say that's the problem with having so many characters that I don't have the space for throwaway ones, but I didn't throw new people in the Fountain before, either, except for Lana a bit. Because it takes me forever to get into a character's head to the point of potentially writing them, and I can't seem to do it casually. I envy the people who can play around with a character; it's sort of all or nothing for me on whether or not I can get in their head.
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( May. 7th, 2010 07:39 pm)
Problem appears to have gone away. Woot.

My email is down right now -- the primary one, to which all my RP notifs (assuming LJ is sending them) and PMs etc. go.

Best ways to reach me: comment to this post, I'll be checking it manually. And I'll edit it when I have email again.

...also, apparently D. just finished Mr. Darcy, Vampyre despite never having read Pride and Prejudice.
Because I went back to work today despite still being sick, I am doing memes instead of a) running Taura around like a crazy thing or b) looking at Lana's thread, since I'm too tired to do the cross-checking I still need when posting her. Tomorrow morning, I promise. There will be laptop onna train.

Or even c) writing up my thoughts on AA:I in these things we call sentences.

Instead, I will ramble about characters present and not-actually-potential (as I am slightly past the number I can handle, but hopefully once Lana becomes non-brand-new I'll be okay) while watching bobsleds and feeling sorry for myself.

muse status report )
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( Jan. 8th, 2010 04:29 pm)
...well, at least that explains why I've been wanting to go to bed at 10 all this week and have been playing Meteos on the train because any of the things I want to write are shrouded in fuzz.

Bleah. I finally gave in to listening to my body and slept for 13 hours. And I'm still exhausted. At least it's just a cold-thing, not a flu or anything. Something mild enough I managed to convince myself was just stress until it finally added a mild sore throat to the proceedings.

(For those who care: I'm still going to try to finish my [livejournal.com profile] damned app -- it's written and proofread except for the 3p sample, but I probably won't be doing the midnight-opening submission thing unless I wake up a lot in the next few hours. Memo to self: 500 words. You don't have to come up with an epic. Nor should you let yourself be stymied by the fact that when half asleep on the train last week you thought you had something brilliant, and then it slipped away. You do that all the time with posts and they come out OK.)
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( Sep. 23rd, 2009 07:20 pm)
today's matchups:

whiskey vs codeine: codeine wins it in a surprise comeback.
swine(?) flu vs sarah: this battle is going into overtime.

Also, hi new f'list people. Sorry to be deeply boring on the first new post up, but I've been sick since Friday and it's making me grouchy.
Yes, I was supposed to leave on vacation today; we just took one of our cats to the veterinary ER and she's in for 24 hours of observation with kidney failure (not the world's most serious case of it ever but it's never good). So I may be online, but I'll probably be twitchy. (If escapism and not thinking about it too hard becomes the plan, I might be tagging RP-stuff, but that's doubtful.)

Also, if anyone wants to rec me some awesome to read? RP or fic, any fandom I like. It would certainly be appreciated. (I could always unpack the PS2 but we might be able to leave tomorrow and it's all taken apart as people requested I bring it and Katamari Damacy.)

ETA: packing up the DS and going in search of a coffeeshop with air conditioning. Some of the issue is that I absolutely desperately need this vacation stress-relief-wise, and having it snatched out is making me feel grumpy and then guilty about being grumpy when the kitty is sick in turns.

ETA 2: She's home, doing better, with prescription antibiotics, antacids, and kidney-friendly food. The vets are optimistic it'll be manageable just with diet and over-the counter antacids (apparently Pepcid AC works on cats, too, you just have to cut the pills into little pieces).


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