One: RP fail will continue until I get home from Cleveland tomorrow evening. I was hoping to tag tonight but, um, no, not happening. Because my parents, oddly enough, would rather talk to me than watch me dink around on the computer. Funny, that. And tomorrow I will be ON A TRAIN all day with no wifi.

Two: I will follow up the fail with shameless fishing for compliments.

Hat trick of fail: Using my f'list for better-than-google. Blackberry users, how the heck do you get LJ to show comments in the BB browser? Because I was playing around with one in a store on vacation -- it was quiet enough I could really play with it long enough to get the hang of some things, but I couldn't get LJ to load with comments. (I wasn't logged in, obviously, but I doubt that matters.) Other stuff looked odd too -- userprofiles (and I don't mean fancy HTML failing, I mean not loading at all). Because that'd kind of be a dealbreaker.


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