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( Feb. 2nd, 2010 12:24 pm)
No, self, you do not need to look up the SAT recentering tables to once-and-for-all see how you stack up to your RP character.

...yeah, okay, too late. I blame [ profile] stopcounting.

Nor does the fact they're about the same mean you should have retaken the darn thing after finding you'd made at least one "what the hell was I thinking" error. (Yes, I was enough of a dork to actually pay the money to get my answers and the questions.) You already did the college thing. And the GRE thing, and the grad school thing. Just because it'd be nice to be 17 again and have summer vacations does not mean you should worry about a test you took 15 years ago.

If I have "arriving at a test without my #2 pencils" dreams tonight I know who to blame.

Then again, I had RP-related anxiety dreams last night ANYWAYS as am dorkface. (I had signed up somehow to be an NPC mod at [ profile] damned and then forgot and had threads pending. LOLWAT?) They are much better than work-related and wedding-related anxiety dreams as I wake up and giggle rather than actually worrying about it.
Argh, I've never been any good at small talk. Which makes it that much harder to come up with anything in that vein for characters to say.

Especially in RP, where I can't do what a certain canon source Zodiac does and just elide all small talk ever. XD

Though otherwise RP-stuff is going well and I keep having to remind myself that there's a reason I'm about to take a break -- to avoid getting burned out rather than waiting until I *am*. and uploading icons to an unused journal is NOT productive, self.
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( Nov. 5th, 2009 08:55 pm)
HMD meme. Crit is love; flow/ebb of language and making things fluid without overuse of qualifiers and linking words is the current poke-the-hornet's-nest area I'm working on, but anything goes.

Now to plow back into a few pages of Zodiac and see if I can't dredge that voice up enough to get S.T. to breakfast. (Don't worry, even if I skip this shift or hiatus him for a little while he's in no danger of being dropped; I'm just flailing with him a little -- a bunch of his stuff has felt very by-the-numbers rather than actually getting in his head. I'll get over it.) ETA: posted. But argh, voice is elusive. Still, I think it's one of those cases where I should try to suck it up and keep shoving words out. IDK.


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