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( Jul. 14th, 2009 09:43 pm)
Oh, right: who all out there is doing blogathon?

(I know [ profile] jennifer, [ profile] eustaciavye, and I have your links, but anyone else?)

I thought about it, but doing an all-nighter tends to shut down my immune system, and while blogathon is on a weekend, I don't really want to take a couple days of vacation just to recover. I'll probably stay up a fair bit on AIM (or, if [ profile] tikva does it, might spend a while at their pad chatting), but I think I'd just make myself miserable.

So this is the donation links plz post, since I'm going to go sign up soon and then split the number of $ by the number of links and do all the donations at once.


valentinite: riffraff from the Catillac Cats cartoon (Default)


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