first, PSA: mobile posting = epic fail typos. Sorry. I haven't been fixing them on LJ comments and plurk unless they're desperately unfortunate. I've been trying to catch them in RP posts but if you see something silly, kick me. The iPad autocomplete/autocorrect is often very smart but sometimes does ridiculous things, and it corrects everything to a legitimate word so the browser spellcheck doesn't catch typos as much.

Second, meme from [ profile] lady_angelina because this is something we could all do more of:

List one thing you like about your roleplaying.

I'm going to go with metaphors and similes. I am not God's Gift to LJRP in anything, but I've worked darn hard at figuring out when and how to make metaphors have punch rather than purple, and I think it's paid off. I'm still finding my feet in that regard with Lana -- I use them more with her than Taura, and much much less than S.T., but I will find a happy medium there.


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