a) RP HMD meme, as usual.

b) I am still feeling absolutely spaced out and am sort of mini-hiatusing. Posts will come when words quit being slippery little buggers.

c) ...I bought an iPad & data plan. So once words are less difficult, I should be able to tag from anywhere without adding more stress to my shoulders carrying a laptop that only works where there's wi-fi anyway. Expect typos and the odd formatting fail (at least in non-RP comments where I won't do extra editing) as I get used to it.

d) despite not feeling up to tags, why do I want to throw Odysseus in the spring of drowned piglet over at FoC. I'd have to canon review first and do not have even remotely the energy. whywhywhy brain. I'd say that's the problem with having so many characters that I don't have the space for throwaway ones, but I didn't throw new people in the Fountain before, either, except for Lana a bit. Because it takes me forever to get into a character's head to the point of potentially writing them, and I can't seem to do it casually. I envy the people who can play around with a character; it's sort of all or nothing for me on whether or not I can get in their head.


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