valentinite: the dog from Catillac Cats after an explosion (someone set us up the bomb)
( Mar. 12th, 2010 03:21 pm)
doing this this way as I am tired and logged in from work: I have a tearing headache and likely won't be posting much tonight. :| Apologies to Kaze and Ang. Especially when I went to bed reasonably early yesterday so I could be productive today. (Which is a grr in more ways than just RP, obviously.)
So [ profile] wariena plays Inspector Lunge, and he is awesome. So I convinced the library to lend me Monster, a bit at a time, and am slowly working through it when I have time.

And since I am on the train but too bleah to write, I will tl;dr at you instead.

Spoilers up through volume 10... )


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